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Bamboo Watches Australia first served customers in 2015. However, the original idea of providing Australia with watches made from a sustainable material, bamboo, came in 2014. Bamboo can be grown to a harvestable size in 2 to 4 years. And when cut the bamboo doesn't need replacing as the base still survives and is able to regenerate for future harvests.

Bamboo also requires no pesticides, insecticides, fertilisers or other chemicals.

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Top Australian Bamboo and Wood Watch and Sunglasses Brands

Bamboo Watches has partnered with top Australian brands.  We provide a unique and fun shopping experience. Our range of Wooden Watches, Bamboo Watches & Bamboo Sunglasses has been made from premium wood or bamboo and handcrafted to perfection.

Our brand partners have spent countless hours designing and developing the most eco-friendly watches and sunglasses available to the International and Australian market. 

Bamb-U partnership with the Eden Project was truly a great sign of things to come. For every Bamb-U watch or sunglasses sold 7 trees are planted through this partnership with the Eden Project.

You can feel good knowing you will have a direct impact on the world when you make a purchase of our bamboo products. 

We have also acquired a new sustainable watch designer, Cowan Brown. They are a Queensland based brand who we are proud to showcase their stylish and elegant wooden watches. 

Cowan Brown is a minimalist and are lightweight watches with the option to choose between large to smaller sized watch faces to suit your style.

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