How It Works In 7-Steps

For non-Full Face Custom Decks

  1. Select Background Colour for Section A.
  2. Select Background Colour for Section B.
  3. Write a message in the text box for Section A.
  4. Write a message in the text box for Section B.
  5. Upload a High-Quality Photo of Your Choice
  6. Select Quantity
  7. Add to Cart

Once we receive your information our team of artists will turn your messages and photo into an awesome custom one-of-a-kind skateboard deck. They will then contact you (typically within 1 business day) and provide a draft for you to review and approve or amend.

Once the design is approved we will produce and ship an INSANE, High-Quality Premium Custom Skateboard Deck for the skatepark!


You can choose 1 background colour or 2. If you want just 1 background colour, select the swatch same.

When writing your message, messages with under 20 characters work best. The more characters used (over 20) the smaller the font will become.

We can work with various quality photos, however, the higher quality of photo received the better the print result.

The end result won't be exactly how it is viewed on a computer monitor (due to several reasons including computer monitor quality, printing inks used, photo quality, etc.). However, what you see on your computer monitor will allow you to visualise the end result.

For Full Face Custom Decks

After you have placed your order for a Full Face Custom Deck we will contact you to discuss your requirements.