Product Warranty

Bamboo Watch/Sunglass Warranty

Bamboo Watches Australia warranty policy covers manufacturing and material defects only and for a period of one year from purchase date. Should the warranty claim be found valid, then Bamboo Watches Australia will fully replace the item at no additional cost to the customer. It is at Bamboo Watches Australia's discretion to determine if the warranty claim is a valid manufacturing or material defect.

Bamboo Watches Australia will not cover, nor are liable for but not limited to, any damage caused by: usage, theft, loss, dropping, accidental breakage, sitting on, stepping on etc.

Bamboo Watches Australia only accept warranty items by registered mail from an official shipper (Australia Post, DHL, Fed Ex, etc). Bamboo Watches Australia take no responsibility for loss of posted items for warranty claims. Mailing costs are to be paid by the customer. However, if the item is found to have a manufacturing or material fault, after an initial inspection by Bamboo Watches Australia technical team, then Bamboo Watches Australia will reimburse the customer for cost of shipping. Proof of mailing costs must be provided in the form of a formal receipt by the shipping company.

Please ensure you include ALL of your contact information, otherwise Bamboo Watches Australia will not be able to process your claim. Each warranty claim must include proof of purchase, where the item was bought and a description of the reason for the claim.

Once received, Bamboo Watches Australia technical team will assess your claim and give you a response within a week of receiving your item.

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